Convert Commercial Properties To Solar

Commercial Properties And Solar Energy

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Commercial properties have slowly been turning to solar energy to improve efficiency and lower the impact they have on the environment. Solar power is a reliable source of energy that can be harvested from the natural energy produced by sunlight. As businesses and residents continue to learn more about solar energy, we are seeing an increase in solar conversions for both commercial and residential property. Design and installation improvements have made solar panels more affordable to purchase and install. Businesses that own large pieces of commercial properties like a retirement community, warehouses, apartment complexes, and strip malls have the rooftop real estate available to for solar panels. These properties are ideal for solar panels and should be considered for anyone looking to reduce utility bills and lower greenhouse gases.

Why Convert Your Commercial Property To Solar?

  • Save On Your Energy Bill

By switching to solar power you can reduce your dependency on the electric companies and lower your monthly electric bill at the same time.

  • State Rebates

The rebates offered on a State level could potentially be enough to finance a large chunk of the purchase and installation of the solar panels.  

  • Federal Tax Credits

The federal government offers tax credits for commercial and residential properties that convert to solar electricity.

  • Environmental Impact

Rest well at night knowing you are spending less money every month on energy. You should also feel good about the decision to go solar because of the positive impact it will have on the environment for reducing greenhouse gases.

Protect Your Business From Increased Rates

leasing solar equipmentEnergy is a lot like gas, rates are always going up as demand increases. Converting to solar powered energy will allow you to lock in rates for multiple years and save money should the price of energy increase during that time. Solar contracts can last 3-5 years depending on the electric company you are working with. Solar leasing companies can help you find existing contracts for commercial and residential properties may be grandfathered from previous rates. These are important things to note if buying or selling a piece of property that already has solar panels installed and an existing contract in place. Utility rates continue to rise, there have been increases in the last 10 years that have exceeded 50% over the course of a single calendar year.

Increase Your Property Value With Solar Energy

Solar electric systems can increase the value of a commercial or residential piece of property by reducing its annual operating costs. By switching over to solar energy, you can lower your dependence on fossil fuels and increase the resale value of the property. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels will also help us reduce our dependence on the foreign energy source. Solar energy is extremely efficient, there is no need for transportation containers or digging devices. The natural sunlight that shines and some solar panels are enough to give you energy. This energy efficiency also makes it unique for the fact that international affairs have no impact on the price of this product. Once the solar panels are installed, it’s up to the sun and the technology to provide your property with the energy it needs to operate.

Additional Solar Technologies For Commercial And Residential Property

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Rooftop solar panels are not the only solar asset property owners can invest in. Solar lighting can be found in neighborhoods around the country, solar hot water heaters are being used to bring hot water into homes that don’t have it, and smart cars can be charged from solar energy cells installed in your garage. Some homes and office complexes have even invested in solar heated granite surfaces. The opportunity to leverage solar electricity for your benefit is here. Finding the solar plans and technologies that best suit your property is where the expertise of a solar contractor will allow you to optimize your investment and find the solution that is right for you.

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