How CBD Edibles are Produced

If you use CBD, you’ll know all about the choice that we have these days. Currently, perhaps the most common is CBD oils, but there are other variations now threatening to take this top spot. As we’re going to discover in this guide, there are some edibles that have the same effect but with more flavor. Let’s take a look! 

CBD Edibles – What Are They? 

Just as the name suggests, a CBD edible is a form of CBD that can be eaten. For most people, their mind jumps to space cakes when the words ‘CBD’ and ‘edible’ are used in the same sentence. Don’t worry, CBD edibles are very different. For the most part, they don’t intoxicate the user. Although CBD is a cannabinoid just like THC, you won’t get ‘high’ on CBD edibles. 

For THC, it continues to be illegal federally (even though more and more states are legalizing the active compound in the cannabis plant). On the other hand, CBD is legal because it doesn’t have the same intoxicating effects; it is only illegal in a small number of states.

Benefits of CBD Edibles

Since they bring a wealth of benefits to the body, CBD edibles are only getting more popular. Before we look at how they are produced and the different products on the market, let’s break down some of the benefits. 

Firstly, they are easy to produce, and this makes them affordable. While some people buy the products that we’re going to look at in the next section, others are able to make their own using an isolate powder or tincture. 

Secondly, the digestive system breaks down these edibles slowly. Therefore, there’s a gradual release and the effects can last for a much longer time compared to other CBD products

Thirdly, it’s much easier to dose with edibles compared to oil droppers and other techniques. Since the products are already made, you simply take the recommended amount. 

Finally, it works in the same way as tinctures and capsules which means that you get the same overall benefits for your body. Over the years, CBD has been linked with plenty of health benefits including improvements in arthritis pain, inflammation, depression, acne, and other aches and pains. Meanwhile, CBD oil has also been linked with heart health, substance abuse treatment, and the prevention of diabetes. 

Types of CBD Edibles 

Fortunately, there’s plenty of options and we’ve listed a few of the most popular products below: 

Protein Bars 

For those who visit the gym regularly, you will find CBD protein bars. As well as the protein, you’ll get a dose of CBD which may help with recovery and pain. 


Perhaps the most popular option, gummies are candies containing CBD. While some are shaped like traditional gummy bears, others are shaped into fruits or rings. One of the benefits of choosing gummies is the many wonderful flavors – it’s just like eating normal candy. If you want the whole family to enjoy CDB edibles, this is one of the best choices. 

Dried Fruit 

You could eat candy shaped like fruit, or you could eat the real thing (infused with CBD, of course!). Since this provides a healthier option, this is another gaining in popularity. While on the topic of being healthy, some manufacturers go for sugar-free gummies. 
If you want to experiment with CBD this year, there’s never been a better time as oil is surpassed by flavorful edibles!

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