Key Benefits Of Call Tracking Software For Sales

The business world and environment are highly competitive. Companies not only have to overcome the domestic competition, but also have to face foreign businesses. In such a scenario, any resource and technology that can improve the sales and revenues of a company can be a competitive advantage. A phone call tracking software is one of the newest technologies available to businesses. It not only helps you track your business and customer activities better but also improves your sales figures and performance.

Call Tracking Software

A phone call recording software has the basic job to track and record the phone calls your business receives. You have to apply a code and snippet to the website and distribute the unique numbers on the marketing channels you have. You will be able to measure a variety of data that is generated by the phone calls that your business receives, by using the phone call tracking software. While Google Analytics has been used for years and decades by companies now, the phone calls received have been overlooked. The calls have not been fully exploited for their benefits and potential. Call tracking software is a new technology that helps you improve your revenues. It uses the data that the calls bring to you.

The Key Benefit of Call Tracking Software for Sales

Call tracking software helps you easily track the locations and the customers from where you are receiving the calls and the leads. It helps a business channel its marketing and advertising efforts better. An important and key benefit that a call tracking software can offer to a business is that it improves sales figures.

Tracking your PPC Advertisements

The call tracking software offers the click-to-call feature, which helps calculate the conversion data. A business can easily find out the calls made by the customers after they click on an advertisement posted online.

For generating the data, a code and a snippet are added to the mobile site/website of the company. A unique number is subsequently generated. Calls that are made by the customers are linked to specific website pages. It helps the businesses know the pages of websites that are performing well, and are increasing the number of received leads. This data can also be combined with other data, including Google AdWords and the Google Universal Analytics Data, along with the keywords. Therefore, the company can get to know more about the specific needs and wishes of the customer by using the call tracking software.

A call tracking software helps a business find out which advertisements and keywords are successful in yielding the most phone calls. The information can be used for replication and for improving other web pages as well.

Call tracking software can now also be integrated with CRM or Customer Relationship Management software. It helps businesses find out the journey of a lead, until the final sales closing process. Well-informed sales professionals and agents can use their knowledge and expertise to further increase the value of the average orders.


The benefits of best call tracking companies go beyond the tracking of calls. The software can not only help you know which of your campaigns, advertisements, and web pages are performing well but also record the calls that may provide you with an even greater value. Benefits including CRM integration not only improve customer experience but also increase your average order size and value.

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