Solar Heated Granite Countertops

Using Solar Panels To Heat Granite Countertops

heated granite countertops

Technology is advancing at the speed of light and the home and garden industry keeps getting more and more sophisticated with smart ovens, smart refrigerators, and full home automation systems. There are many innovative technologies hitting the market every day that include smartphone-controlled devices like water heaters and alarm systems. We like to think we are pretty current with our knowledge of the industry, but this latest innovation has really grabbed the attention of our team. An Arizona Granite contractor has developed a new solar heated granite countertop slab for kitchen countertops. The granite countertops are installed with solar heating elements adhered to the bottom of the granite slab. There is a convenient power switch built into the countertops that allow for homeowners to quickly turn the surface into a plate warmer. There are many homes in the Phoenix metro area that are building wood-fired brick ovens into their home’s kitchens for entertainment purposes. The ability to pull a pizza out of a brick oven and place it directly on to a heated slab of granite has many Phoenix homeowners opting in for the solar-powered granite countertops. Ice cream shops like Cold Stone Creamery have used ice gold granite in their franchises to produce a handmade dessert on a frozen granite surface. The granite slabs are cooled and the ice cream and ingredients are added to the granite surface and mixed together before being served. Cold Stone Creamery is located in Scottsdale Arizona and is one of the only ice cream shops in the nation that use an iced granite surface to prepare their desserts. Caterers have also used heated granite for foods prepared and served to guests during catered events. The granite stone can be placed above burning Sterno canisters to heat the surfaces. Then, appetizers can be placed in a decorative manner along the surface of the granite for guests to enjoy.

solar panel installation

The innovative solar powered granite surfaces in Arizona homes has ushered in a new era of convenience for homeowners that find joy in entertaining guests or even keeping food plates warm during family suppers. Adding solar panels to your Arizona home can increase value and you should seek out the advice of a solar broker in Arizona prior to putting your home up for sale. The heated granite countertops are also a value-add when it comes to selling your home. Solar powered home appliances and furnishings continue to decorate the interior of Arizona homes because of the year-round sunshine the state gets. It’s easy to see why people from the East Coast are moving here in droves as the harsh winter conditions continue to have a negative effect on the local residents in the area. If you are planning on moving to Arizona, or if you are currently a homeowner in Arizona and have considered installing solar panels to reduce your footprint on the environment and pave the way for future generations, please consider all the benefits and take action. Solar powered homes save homeowners money in the long run and provide convenient ways to power appliances around the home.

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